A book cover redesign of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" for the 2018 Penguin Random House Student Design Award. The cover features the head of a pig (Napoleon) through a torn photograph of a Soviet Union leader, reflecting the hidden themes of this classic tale. The torn through effect is carried onto the back cover, used to clearly separate the blurb from the books reviews. The spine shows a line of five milk pails, a subtle indication to a key turning point within the story.

The moss green background is textured to reflect the farm environment of the book, as well as adding depth and allowing the text to stand out. The dull green is a stark contrast to the almost blood red frame, instantly pulling the focus to the main feature of the cover. 
Below are a selection of promotional posters to accompany the book cover. These posters use the same aesthetic as the cover above, featuring different photographs to represent the different characters within the book.  

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