About Anxious Bunny
I am a freelance graphic designer who offers a variety of design and print solutions. Through my bespoke designs, I help small businesses stand out from the competition and retain small business values while growing their brands. After four years of experience under other companies, I set out on my own in 2023 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and I pride myself on being friendly, supportive, and understanding of your business' individual needs.
I obviously love all things arty, and as you can probably see from some of my work I am a bit of an amateur photographer. 
I actually studied animal management and husbandry at college and wanted to be an animal trainer, but since I have asthma I couldn't be around all the hay and sawdust, so decided I would just stick to drawing them instead. 
I am also dyslexic and suffer from ME, which while it does have its hold backs, means I am able to focus on finer details in a project and identify problems and find creative solutions in ways others wouldn’t. I will always look for ways to get the world to work for me and other with similar issues as myself.
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