A very Anxious (Bunny) welcome!
We are Anxious Bunny (it’s just me and my dog), a caffeine-fuelled creative, who lives for all things design and pixels in all its glorious forms. Think of me as your personal brand fairy godmother, here to sprinkle some glittery magic (and maybe a few typos, I’m dyslexic after all) on your visual identity. I’m here to make your business scream you!
So, if you're tired of your logo looking like it was drawn on Microsoft paint (no offence paint, I miss you!), or your marketing materials are about as exciting as watching beige paint dry, then you've come to the right place. My goal is to make your brand pop with personality, glam, and a bit of unicorn dust. 
Come on, let's make something amazing together! If you're ready for something fresh, unique, and that makes you shout "HECK YES!" when you see it, then let's chat!
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